Happy Feet 2 On The Way

source: theage.com

The Age is reporting that a sequel to George Miller‘s Oscar-winning film Happy Feet is in the works.

The NSW Government is funding a new digital production facility in Sydney which is expected to provide a significant boost to the flagging local film industry.

The first film to be developed by the new ‘Dr D’ production facility will be Happy Feet 2.

The original 2006 hit grossed more than $378 million worldwide, and is one of the highest grossing Australian films ever.

I remember absolutely falling in love with Happy Feet when I saw it at the cinema. I thought it was funny, sweet and incredibly well made. Until that damn ending. I really hate the ending to Happy Feet.
It provided one of the most shoe-horned, patronising and underdeveloped messages in recent cinema. If you want to see a film that handles similar themes in a much more accomplished manner, check out WALL-E.

However, I’m sure most children aren’t too worried about narrative structure and the like. So Happy Feet 2 is good news for parents who have worn down the original DVD to a nub.

Plus, I’ll probably see it too.

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