Dexter Series 3 – It’ll Be Killer


Dexter, starring the awesome Michael C. Hall, is one of the best shows on television right now. Unfortunately, Australian audiences are only half-way through Season 1, while Season 3 debuts this month in the US!

However, the coolest Quickflix members will be currently plowing through Season 2, which was released on DVD last month.

I know that I for one have been lording my Dexter DVD’s over family and friends who are currently following the show as it airs on Channel 10: “Ice-Truck Killer? Pfft. That is so 2006.”

Now that Dexter is moving out of cult territory and becoming a genuine hit, the marketing for the third season has gone into overdrive.

The website offers an inkblot test, allowing users to discover their own ‘killer instinct percentage’.

After receiving this diagnosis, all sharp objects were confiscated from my desk.

Check out these promotional posters, spoofing the iconic magazine covers of Wired (above), Esquire, The New Yorker and Rolling Stone.

For those of you still struggling to wait A WHOLE WEEK between episodes, add both seasons of Dexter to your queue now.

And if anyone hasn’t seen it yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

One thought on “Dexter Series 3 – It’ll Be Killer

  1. yeah too bad I've had Season's 1 + 2 in my queue for over two months waiting, waiting, waiting…JB-HI FI were kind enough to lend me a copy of theirs for ever!!! [for a small fee of course]But seriously I really don't think QF Perth carry enough stock to cater for all of us 'cool' Perth peeps o_<


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